Our Wines

By The Glass

McPherson’s Chardonnay 12$
Farinelli Pinot Gris18$
Vandenburg Sauvignon Blanc18$
Caravan Merlot14$
Barrel Monkey Shiraz18$
The Protege Pinot Noir18$
Leconfield Merlot Rose18$
Moët & Chandon22$


Alessandro Prosecco 56$
Moët & Chandon130$

White Wine

Farinelli Pinot Grigio38$
McPherson’s Chardonnay 38$
Cape Baren Chardonnay66$
Kilakanoon Reisling62$
Riposte Pinot Gris62$
Leconfeild Melot Rose42$
Vandenburg Sauvignon Blanc62$
Stoney River Sauvignon Blanc60$
Peter Drayton Sem Verdhelo54$

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Pasta Jose Jones

Red Wine

Pasta Jose Jones
Pirramimma GTS54$
Dandelion Vinyards GSM62$
Trentham Pinot Noir56$
Holm Oak Pinot Noir80$
Barrell Monkey Shiraz52$
Indio Claire Shiraz62$
Howard Park Cabernet Sauvignon72$
Caravan Melot45$
The Coppermine Road Cabernet Sav.155$

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Beers & Ciders


Summit Session Ale 3.5%10$
Pit Pony Pale Ale 4.5%10$
Rockhopper IPA 6.1%10$
Little Nipper Hazy IPA 5.3%10$
Crankshaft IPA 5.8%10$
Darkes Cider 4.5%10$

Bottle / Can

Coopers Pale Ale9$
Newtowner Pale Ale9$
5 Barrel Night Cap Milk Stout9$


Dark Side of the Mojito15$

Minty fresh with the depth of Dark Rum

She’s Spicy Margarita18$

A little jalapeno & agave twist on your favourite drink

Chai Tea Sour18$

A rye based cocktail w/ fragrant chai syrup & red wine

Vintage Fashion18$

An ode to Canada w/ old forrester bourbon & maple syrup

Espresso Martini18$

Make coffee exciting. Appropriate for all hours of the day

Breakfast at Jose’s18$

Campari, gin and marmalade delight

Cumonlous Cloud18$

Vegan sour made w/ violette, gin & maraschino


Aperol, gin & lillet slirred & served on a big cube

Pinning for a Southside16$

Summer’s here w/ gin, chartreuse, mint & pineapple syrup

Bloody Oath Mary18$

Replenish your vitamins w/ spicy tomato juice & vodka

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